Sales Prospecting Experts for the Commercial Insurance Industry

Prospecting... when you think of prospecting, the first images that come to mind are the old prospector with his burro, his pick and ax, his gold pan and his scraggly self, sifting diligently for long hours for the precious minerals he finds.

About The Prospector's Group

We Are Prospectors

Turning Prospects Into Qualified Opportunities

We are prospectors who sift through data, searching for that one bit of information that turns companies you "suspect" could be good clients into qualified prospects for your products and services. It is tedious work, and time consuming, but we have made it our strength. If you enjoy prospecting for new business and have all the necessary time to do that, congratulations. If you want to supplement your efforts and free up more time for you and your agency, considering an out-sourced sales prospecting service could be key to meeting or exceeding sales goals.


Be In Front of More Prospects

Free your producers to do what they do best -- SELL!

As the old miners used to say: "Sometimes you gotta dig deep to get to da gold." And to continue the allusion, some veins are thicker than others, knowing where to look becomes key. We contend that knowing where to look and when is the result of a well-managed database of prospects achieved through systematic sales prospecting efforts.


We believe that the philosophy of taking control and going after new business is the best method of experiencing the highest ROI.

Prospecting for your fortune in gold and prospecting for new business are similar. Understanding where to look (not by gut instinct, but by science), and overall knowledge of the discipline required to keep looking without feeling desperate or hopeless is part of the similarities between the two. Also, a heaping amount of luck plays in. (Luck is defined by preparation meeting opportunity.)

This is where The Prospector's Group comes in because prospecting is all we do. Our systems and approach break the rules of what most people believe as sales. We can focus on just that part of the sales cycle that our clients find the most difficult. Our clients find value in our superior ability to "find gold", and so, we continue to be a successful, profitable company with a bright future. As long as there are sales professionals out there who need to prospect for new business, we will provide them with the highest quality sales prospecting services available.