About The Prospector's Group

We are unique

We Had a Better Idea

In 1992, our founders were given the opportunity to combine industry knowledge, sales training knowledge, and customer service experience to create a comprehensive program designed specifically for the needs of the commercial insurance industry.

We had an idea that would let us stand out from the usual telemarketing crowd. As sales professionals, we became a different voice speaking to the professionals in the market with a refreshing idea.

Having developed a proprietary set of systems, procedures, and methods, The Prospector's Group began to service the commercial insurance industry at all levels of distribution. Over the years, our clients have learned to expect the same quality of work from our "prospectors" regardless of who they are due to the systematic sales prospecting techniques we have developed and implemented.

We are comfortable speaking with large market CEOs, CFOs, as well as, main street business owners. We understand the commercial insurance industry and can recognize a prospect's needs and match those needs with the characteristics of our clients' ideal prospect.

Happy Family of Prospecting Professionals

Our eclectic staff of prospecting professionals represent all walks of life and bring with them, a unique and mature perspective on life and work.

Happy Prospecting Family

Prospecting since 1992

Let us guide you to the best kept secret in the development of your pipeline.

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Targeted Prospecting Campaigns

We will help build qualified appointments, survey your customers, perform market analysis, and much more. Visit our Services page for more details.