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Ideal Candidates

We are looking for the following characteristics in our ideal candidate:

  1. A mature person (not exclusively in age, but perhaps in experience) who appreciates an honest day's work;
  2. Who has learned that cutting corners is a shortcut to failure;
  3. Who has a healthy respect for personal and professional development;
  4. Who believes that to earn more, they need to learn more;
  5. Who prefer working in a smaller, boutique organization with transparency for accountability;
  6. Who want to engage with our systems and business;
  7. Who understand that learning a different way of doing business is a challenge.

Interested candidates should thoroughly review the website to have an understanding of our business, be able to write a few sentences on how they can contribute to the company on the submission form, and be prepared to talk about those topics on their first interview by telephone.

With satisfactory completion of paid training, the successful candidate can participate in our self-directed work team and expand their day to include any of the following responsibilities:

  1. Become a Client Relationship Manager responsible for day to day communication with our clients. Strategize with them to take advantage of the market situation in their territory. Track the return on their investment.
  2. Become a trainer to train new employees to the standards and procedures that have made you successful. Bring new ideas for systems procedures to enhance the current procedural manuals. Test and refine your ideas.
  3. Participate in the quality assurance process to ensure that all data is clear, concise, and perfect. Identify database building and training issues before they become critical client problems.
  4. Create and manage the usage of marketing materials to enhance each client's individual prospecting program.
  5. Master our communications style and become an inside sales executive, bringing on new business for the company in all our divisions.
  6. Become a database programmer responsible for the customization of each client's database and the smooth function in daily use.

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