Success Stories

What would you like to see in a successful sales prospecting campaign tailored to your needs and budgets?

Success Stories

Major Insurance Carrier

A major carrier wanted to solve the new problem they were experiencing. Underwriters were seeing many submissions, but not experiencing an increase in business or sales.

The Prospector's Group resolved the problem. We called the individual risks the company had been seeing as submissions year after year, asked them about their current insurance, and determined that brokers and agents were merely blocking the market.

The result was that brokers and agents were released from the carrier and submissions went down, and actual written policies went up. Carrier saw an immediate increase to the bottom line.

Program Manager

A program manager experienced 25% profitability on the bottom line because of The Prospector's Group determining the current insurance programs of targeted high risk industries resulting in an expanded footprint for non-standard risks.

Large Brokerage

A large brokerage developed an ACA compliant benefit program for franchise model restaurants that answered the question regarding part-time and full-time equivalency employees and, with the help of The Prospector's Group, introduced the solution to restaurant franchise owners on a national level.

Regional Insurance Carrier

A regional carrier sponsored and underwrote a young producer development program designed to assist new producers with warm sales leads until they develop their own book of business. The carrier asked only for the right of first refusal on any submission.

The Prospector's Group created a warm database for each producer and worked closely with each to communicate with and market to the prospects uncovered in the sales prospecting process.

Northeastern Insurance Agency

A northeastern agency understood that marketing and building a database of information was key to increasing revenues for the agency.

The slower start of building the database has resulted in impressive returns on investment with mid-market accounts closing on second year meetings.

Midwestern Insurance Agency

A mid-western agency had invested heavily in an in-house database and software system but the leads had not produced appointments either from his in-house prospecting staff or selected out-sourced prospecting providers.

We determined that there was no consistent procedure for entering and maintaining data in the prospect database and designed a system for entry of data, cleaned up erroneous information, resolved duplication and prospected the viable information for appointments.