Targeted Prospecting Campaigns

Qualified appointments and lead generation services

A targeted prospecting campaign can produce amazing results! Companies once thought that keeping new business marketing and tele-prospecting in-house was the most cost-effective method. Today, the move toward outsourcing to a specialized firm will produce better results with less overhead and personnel headaches.

  • Take the struggle out of getting your producers to pick up the phone
  • Work to a built database of qualified and managed prospects
  • Know exactly when to call a prospect whether mid-season or at renewal windows

The Prospector's Group will develop a customized sales prospecting campaign that can include but is not limited to:


  • Qualified Appointments
  • Database Building
  • Lost Customer Surveys
  • Survey & Seminar Calling
  • Market Analysis
  • Name Branding
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Market & Agency Consulting
  • List Generation
  • Territorial Integrity
  • Database Management
  • Scheduled Production Reporting
  • Lead/Opportunity Tracking
  • Custom Services

service chartWithout the need to establish contracts with our clients, we specialize in building relationships based on quality information, quality communication, and quality product. We offer territorial exclusivity and will never resell your information to another agency. We take the time to learn about your organization, your goals, your methods of approaching the market, and your expectations of an out-sourced sales center. If we were in your office, how would you like your in-house marketing team to perform?

Our clients experience tremendous profitability while utilizing a built database of information owned by your organization, exclusively. Second year, third year, and submissions continue to fill the coffers of our clients because of the relationship we build with the prospects and the accuracy of the data we collect.

We also take the time to secure the best markets for your sales prospecting program. Time spent at the start to obtain the best starting population information will pay off exponentially when the prospecting begins. Your dedicated Client Relationship Manager will assist in your start-up and be your liaison throughout the program.

We have implemented successful programs for Agencies, Broker, MGA's, Wholesalers, and Carriers in the Commercial Insurance industry and in the Employee Benefits realm. We customize to your needs -- we do not offer a cookie cutter solution.